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The Crumpet Shop
1503 1st Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104

(206) 682-1598

Monday to Thursday, 7am-12pm
Saturday 7am-2am
Sunday 7am-12am

If you want to be taken abroad to with a British custome... you have to stop here. This shop is cozy and quaint, maybe even more cozy in the rain.

You will find home made crumpets with their little nooks and crannies just begging to be filled with lemon curd, Vegimite, Marmite (don't be afraid to try the native toppings!) or top them with some heavier fare - smoked salmon, pesto eggs and all.

Then grab your cup of tea and sit down to sip and savor these unusual delights..

Here is another person's description of Breakfast at the Crumet Shop!

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