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Goldmine Jewelry
1405 1st Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104

(206) 622-3333

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Goldmine Jewely is not a normal jewelry store. When you walk in to their store you will find yourself in a workshop surrounded by the tools and equipment used to make small metal things. The jewelers you will be talking to are experts with over 55 years of combined experience in jewelry making who have made more than 13,000 pieces in gold and platinum. You will be working directly from start to finish with the person who makes your piece of jewelry.

The first 10 minutes of a custom project is often the hardest part of all. They begin a design by talking and drawing pictures together so we have an understanding of what we need to do.

Sketches and drawings are great for communicating ideas and getting started but jewelry is designed in wax. We find it often takes several models to get it right. The final wax model is used to make the molds we cast the metal into.

Casting is the really fun part. You get to play with fire!

They will need a week or so to finish the jewelry and set any stones. Because there may be style options, it is sometimes best to do the final surface finish of the pieces when you come to pick them up. From design to completion, the whole process will take 4 to 5 weeks.

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