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Seattle's Best Coffee
400 Pike Street
Seattle, WA 98101

(206) 624-1635

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Seattle's Best Coffee Story
A Family of Great Coffee and Great People

A footprint in Seattle - Seattle hasn't always been the center of the coffee universe, in fact the city once served as much bad coffee as the rest of the country. That changed in the early 70's when a group of passionate coffee lovers started a revolution. The founders of Seattle's Best were some of these early coffee pioneers, and in the beginning the coffee was roasted in an old peanut roaster down on the Seattle waterfront. Their guys used the finest beans and roasted to achieve a bold and full flavored cup that was also smooth and mellow. In those days, the Northwest was such a hotbed of competing coffee styles that a local restaurant held a taste-off to crown "the best cup of coffee in Seattle." Much to their delight, their little coffee company took first place. To celebrate the occasion, they officially re-named the company "Seattle's Best Coffee" and the rest is coffee history. Today, the coffee revolution has spread across America and now good coffee is fashionable everywhere. And they had a part in getting it started. There are many great coffees roasted in Seattle, but only one offers the bold flavor and smooth taste that is Seattle's Best.

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